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פרוייקט: Consultor

פרטי הפרוייקט

מערכת קונסולטור הינה מערכת משוכללת ליועצים ומותאמת במיוחד לטוענים רבניים

המערכת מחזיקה את כל הקבצים והחומר שקשורים לכל תיק, וגם קישורים לאנשים אחרים שקשורים לכל תיק

המערכת מנהלת עבורכם גם יומן מתקדם עם אפשרות של תעריפים שונים לשעה וגמישות בחיובים כמו כן ניתן לציין כל פרטי הפגישה ולשמור אותם בתוכנה קונסולטור גם מסכרנת כל אנשי הקשר שלכם והיומן שלכם הלוך ושוב עם חשבון גוגל (שמתקשר לרוב הסמארטפונים כיום)

Consultor is the most comprehensive software solution for Toanim or other consultants.

Consultor includes

  • Telephony: Integrated tracking of all your incoming and outgoing calls. You can also dial directly from the system. Incoming calls pop up a window with callers name and other details from the system.
  • Scheduling: sessions per client and/or per case. indvidual hourly rates per client. options for pre or post session charges (travel, preparation...). ability to print out the calendar schedule
  • Dashboard: main screen has upcoming sessions for next few days, new email messages and overdue client balances.
  • Website: companion website allows your potential clients to send their contact data to your system for review.
  • Documents: a complete system for managing all your documents and files. you can connect any file to a certain client and/or case. plus tag them with subjects. you can also use our special full text search for instantly searching the textual content of all readbale files(word, excel,text,computerized pdfs...).
  • Scanning: Consultor also has full scanning capabilities to scan client files (contracts, wills, receipts..) to his file in Consultor. With basic image editing tools (trim, crop...)
  • Emailing: Consultor will bring all your incoming emails directly into the program so you do not have to open outlook or the browser. You can see all a clients emails and attachments in his card inside the program. and of course, you can reply or foward any emails
  • Google: All contact data and calendar information are automatically synced with your Google account if you have one. So you have all your phone numbers and emails on your smartphone.
  • Contacts: In Consultor, not only can you store all the contact details for your clients, colleagues vendors etc., but you can also store and manage relationships between them. so you can always know who is whoms accountant, rabbi, doctor or neighbor (or more)

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